A sustainable celebration with PEFC – European cities choose certified Christmas trees

As Christmas is coming closer, magnificent Christmas trees are lighting up city centres and spreading seasonal splendour. Again this year, several European cities have chosen PEFC-certified firs and spruces.

A PEFC-certified Christmas tree takes centre stage at Trafalgar Square in London. The 23 metre Norwegian Spruce tree is around 80 years old and was sourced from a PEFC-certified forest in Maridalen, Oslo.

The tree is a gift from the people of Norway to the people of London to thank them for their support in World War II. It stands as a symbol of long-standing friendship and international cooperation between the two countries.

Our colleagues from PEFC Norway were thrilled to join the traditional felling ceremony. The Lord Mayor of Westminster, the Mayor of Oslo, and local school children, helped to fell the tree.
more at source: https://pefc.org/news/a-sustainable-celebration-with-pefc-european-cities-choose-certified-christmas-trees

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