Accelerate360’s Comag Marketing Group and Meredith Announce Partnership to Offer Expanded Media Services

Accelerate360’s Comag Marketing Group LLC (Comag) and Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) today announced a partnership allowing Comag customers to strengthen their competitive position and manage their operations more efficiently via access to Meredith’s media expertise and economies of scale.

Meredith, owner of iconic brands including PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes, and Southern Living, is dedicated to sophistication and innovation while also maximizing operational efficiency.

With today’s announcement, Meredith now offers Comag customers access to a wide array of its own media marketing and production-related capabilities and services, including those focused on audience development, digital newsstand management, digital and magazine pre-media support, and paper and print procurement.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Meredith which brings extraordinary benefits and additional services to our valued clients,” said Comag Marketing Group President Jay Felts. “This new platform with Meredith underscores our commitment to providing new and innovative opportunities for our clients, allowing them to focus on content creation and growing their overall audiences.”

“Meredith has invested substantial resources to develop the best media practices in the industry, and we are excited to bring our knowledge and platform to bear in ways that create value for both Meredith and the clients we work with,” said Meredith Magazines President Doug Olson. “Comag is ideally positioned to help its media clients seize growth opportunities and increase their efficiency by working with us. We look forward to engaging with new customers as a result of our deepening relationship with Comag.”

Comag, a subsidiary of accelerate360 LLC, provides supply chain management, retail marketing, business intelligence, and financial services to media companies across the United States, Canada and overseas. All Comag customers engaging Meredith’s services will be managed with the same commitment to excellence, and have access to the same processes, opportunities, and benefits as Meredith manages its own brands.

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