Adobe Announces Generative AI Solutions to Jumpstart Content Supply Chain for Enterprises

At Adobe Summit – the world’s largest Digital Experience Conference – Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced major product innovations that will empower brands to optimize their entire content supply chain with generative AI. For most organizations, their content supply chain – the end-to-end business process that every company needs to deliver the content required for marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences – is a web of disconnected workflows, teams and systems that often break down. At the same time, the demand for content that is personalized and engaging is exploding.

The content supply chain is composed of five key building blocks:
*Workflow and Planning to build streamlined and transparent workflows across the entire content lifecycle, accelerate the review and approval process and automate manual workflows.
*Creation and Production to accelerate ideation and creation that unleashes creativity, scales production and maintains creative quality.
*Asset Management to easily access and reuse millions of assets while ensuring brand consistency.
*Delivery and Activation to power experiences and the performance of content and campaigns while supporting quick asset activation and better content performance.
*Insights and Reporting to measure content performance across the entire customer journey aligned with business metrics.

Adobe has an integrated set of best-in-class products to help companies automate and optimize their content supply chain. With Adobe GenStudio, Adobe will be releasing a new generative AI-first offering that lets marketing teams quickly plan, create, manage, activate and measure on-brand content.
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