Ahlstrom ECO™, a renewable lignin-impregnated filter media, wins the American Filtration Society’s New Product of the Year award

Ahlstrom ECO™, a new range of renewable and sustainable filtration solutions for automotive applications, was selected as the New Product of the Year by the America Filtration Society (AFS) on May 2, 2023. The Product of the Year award is given to a company introducing the most significant new product in the previous year.

“Being acknowledged by the AFS and receiving this award for Ahlstrom ECO™ is a great achievement. It demonstrates how we are living up to our purpose to Purify and Protect with every fiber for a sustainable world by innovating more sustainable solutions,” says Tamara Quatrano, VP, R&D and Product Development Filtration.

Ahlstrom ECO™ is a renewable and sustainable filter media which utilizes lignin-based impregnation, thereby limiting the use of fossil-based resin. The resin contains a significant amount of bio-based renewable lignin, while the mechanical properties and durability of the filter media, even in challenging environments, are maintained. Ahlstrom ECO™ supports the increased sustainability demands of the global transportation market and offers a new choice for filter manufacturers. Ahlstrom ECO™ was first developed in our Louveira plant in Brazil.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the entire team in Louveira, Brazil. Their unwavering dedication and tireless effort in implementing Ahlstrom ECO™ were instrumental in our resounding success. Their commitment to excellence is nothing short of awe-inspiring!” states Andre Pereira, Head of Sales LATAM Filtration Division.

“Moving forward, we remain resolute in our commitment to support the global automotive industry. We are determined to bring innovative fiber-based specialty solutions to our customers and help them tackle some of the most pressing global challenges,” he continues.

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