Ahlstrom further advances electrification with a new fiber-based pasting material for lead-acid batteries

Batteries play an important role in driving the electrification of transportation and developing more sustainable transportation solutions.

Vehicles with advanced batteries are reducing air pollution and emissions, thereby leading to lower environmental impact. Recent advancements in lead-acid batteries are focused on higher performance as well as on lowering the overall environmental footprint of the battery lifecycle.

Ahlstrom’s portfolio for battery materials includes a wide range of pasting materials, film separator reinforcement, and Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) media. Ahlstrom is now taking further steps to become a leading, single-source provider of fiber-based battery materials by expanding its offering with a hybrid pasting material.

Pasting materials are one of the key components in the lead-acid battery assembly process. They are laminated onto the electrodes to stabilize the active material. Ahlstrom’s hybrid pasting material is a unique combination of natural and synthetic fibers with superior uniformity and better handling properties compared to other pasting materials. The synthetic content provides better adhesion of the active material on the battery plate surface, after the natural fiber content has dissolved in the battery acid. This specific property stabilizes the active mass on the grid, allowing higher cycling and longer battery life, as well as easing battery recycling.
more at: https://www.ahlstrom.com/Media/releases/press-releases2/2023/ahlstrom-further-advances-electrification-with-a-new-fiber-based-pasting-material-for-lead-acid-batteries/

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