Ahlstrom launches Ahlstrom ECO™, a renewable lignin-based automotive filter media

Ahlstrom introduces a new range of renewable and sustainable filtration solutions for automotive applications. Ahlstrom ECO™ is a technology supporting the increasing sustainability demands of the global transportation market and offering a new choice for filter manufacturers.

Developed by Ahlstrom, a new renewable and sustainable filter media utilizes lignin-based* impregnation, replacing fossil-based resin. The resin solution contains a significant amount of bio-based, renewable lignin, whilst the mechanical properties and the durability of the filter media, even in challenging environments, are maintained.

According to Ahlstrom’s initial estimates1, the new lignin-based impregnated filter media displays a lower carbon footprint than a standard fossil-based resin media. Additionally, the lignin-based impregnation recipe brings a significant reduction, between 50-70%, of formaldehyde emissions during the curing process.

Ahlstrom is partnering with Tecfil, a leading automotive filter manufacturer in Latin America, who is incorporating Ahlstrom ECO™ solution into a final filter design. The new product will be launched at the Automec exhibition in Sao Paolo, Brazil on April 25-29.
more at: https://www.ahlstrom.com/Media/releases/press-releases2/2023/ahlstrom-launches-ahlstrom-eco-a-renewable-lignin-based-automotive-filter-media/

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