Ahlstrom launches new FibRoc® performance solutions for plasterboards, delivering excellent fire and moisture resistance and helping to reduce environmental impact

Together in cooperation with customers, Ahlstrom has developed a new portfolio that consists of the most effective solutions for the plasterboard market. FibRoc® Plasterboard is a new offering of protective and durable solutions for high performance plasterboard applications. What differentiates it from other solutions on the market is that it is a combination of glass, synthetic and natural fibres, delivering excellent dimensional stability, good protection, durability and reduced environmental impact in all high performance application areas.

“Our high performance solutions for plasterboards deliver excellent fire and moisture resistance,” says Pierre Mary, Vice President, Nonwovens. “Delivering protection against flame spread, protecting against moisture and producing no mold growth in wet and humid environments, ensuring better indoor air quality.” he adds.

“Our extensive and sustainable product range also reduces environmental impact through options for formaldehyde and fluorocarbon free solutions, decreasing the use of chemicals,” adds Pekka Helynranta, Vice President, Glass Fiber Tissue. “Our unique manufacturing and technological platforms enable flexible product development delivering customized solutions tailor-made to customer’s needs” Pierre and Pekka conclude.
details at: https://www.ahlstrom.com/Media/releases/press-releases2/2023/ahlstrom-launches-new-fibroc-performance-solutions-for-plasterboards-delivering-excellent-fire-and-moisture-resistance-and-helping-to-reduce-environmental-impact/

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