AKT blockade against UPM does not advance negotiations

The Transport Workers’ Union AKT has today announced a blockade against UPM in Finland to support the strikes of the Paperworkers’ Union and the Finnish Electrical Workers´ Union. AKT’s support measures will be carried out as a blockade in Finnish ports. During the blockade, the stevedores will not handle UPM’s paper and pulp. The blockade will begin on 24 January at 06:00.

“AKT’s actions do not advance functioning labour markets. AKT is not even a party in the negotiations, which we aim to start with the Paperworkers’ Union,” says Jyrki Hollmén, Vice President, Labour Markets, UPM.

“We hope to get into negotiations with the Paperworkers’ Union soon, so that both parties can present their goals and seek solutions acceptable to all. Members of the Paperworkers’ Union certainly have the right to strike but now it only postpones the start of negotiations. The AKT blockade doesn’t make the situation any better,” Hollmén continues.

UPM still strives to start the negotiations with the Paperworkers’ Union and to agree on business-specific collective labour agreements for those UPM businesses that as of 1 January 2022 don’t have a CLA in effect.

“Our businesses are very different from each other, which is why business-specific agreements are essential to us. What we need now are agreements that will enable each business to succeed well into the future. This will benefit all parties,” highlights Hollmén.

At this point, UPM does not disclose estimates of the economic impacts of the strikes or the blockade.

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