Akvila Cutlery’s reusable Nature Line is made of UPM Formi EcoAce – a sustainable material for replacing single use plastics

UPM is aiming to find sustainable solutions for replacing fossil-based raw materials and offering environmentally sound alternatives. One of the most recent innovations is UPM Formi EcoAce biocomposite, launched at the beginning of 2020. This revolutionary biocomposite is almost 100 % based on renewable resources. UPM Formi EcoAce contains certified wood and cellulose fibers as well as certified renewable PP polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ solutions. The renewable PP polymers are made of wood-based feedstock from UPM Biofuels’ production. UPM’s BioVerno production is certified by both ISCC PLUS and RSB, and the sustainability of the material has been verified accordingly.

At the beginning of 2020, Akvila Cutlery launched a next generation reusable cutlery made from total wood-based raw materials, UPM Formi EcoAce. The cutlery is made from softwood fibres and wood waste derived ISCC-certified bio-polypropylene, implementation of zero-deforestation. The material does not compete with food production as many other bio-based materials, which is totally unique in the world.

Nature Line reusable wood fibre cutlery is made of renewable, recyclable, and sustainable raw materials. Nature Line delivers the most responsible alternative to replace current fossil-based, single use plastic cutlery or any other bio-based cutlery. This new cutlery line has over 90 % smaller carbon footprint than cutlery made of fossil-based plastics for single use.

The products are also stronger and more durable than single-use cutlery with a guaranteed heat resistance of over 100 degrees and suitability for dishwashing. The product safety and reusability of the new Nature Line cutlery have been tested and approved in food migration tests. Washing machine durability tests for getting the EN 12875 certificate are in process.

EU will ban certain single-use cutlery by 2021, so this innovation already has a high demand at many European markets. In this new age, Akvila Cutlery will be showing the way and offering the most sustainable solution to a large existing market under rapid change. The Nature Line cutlery is already on sale in many well-equipped European-wide grocery chains and, to some extent, outside Europe.

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