Allen Press Upgrades Scholarly Services with Arbortext Publishing Engine Enterprise

Allen Press, Inc. has upgraded its scholarly journal typesetting platform to Arbortext Publishing Engine Enterprise. The Arbortext Publishing Engine is a cloud-based system that provides the ability to intelligently pull XML and unstructured data from content management systems profile content for targeted audiences and variable deliverable types and automatically generate publications.

In addition to the Arbortext Publishing Engine platform, Allen Press improved its workstation-class computers by installing the latest generation hardware and high-resolution video systems.

“Upgrading to the Arbortext Publishing Engine helps us accomplish our mission of efficiently producing more jobs,” said Mark Kohlhase, Senior Director of Composition and Training. “This technology will allow Allen Press to enhance our typesetting automation processes, resulting in faster delivery and reduced publishing costs.”

The Arbortext Publishing Engine utilizes state-of-the-art composition technology and comes with a number of new features. These include the ability to embed PDFs into a typesetting file, drag and drop graphic linking, improved figure placement and advanced reporting which can analyze potential errors and provide Allen Press customers with a higher quality product. In addition, this upgrade will ensure Allen Press offers the most recent and reliable product available.

“Leveraging the Arbortext Publishing Engine will significantly enhance our publisher services offering,” said Randy Radosevich, CEO. “This investment allows Allen Press to be more competitive within the journal production marketplace and gives scholarly publishers a domestic typesetting partner that can deliver high-quality content at an affordable price.”

The Arbortext Publishing Engine is expected to launch in January 2018.

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