Alzamora Group: A Green Revolution with PEFC

Alzamora Group, a leading Spanish cardboard packaging manufacturer, has recently celebrated the second year of its LatCub packaging solution. The revolutionary renewable, biodegradable and fully recyclable cardboard packaging replaces the plastic ring-pull and shrink-wrap around beverage cans.

This new sustainable packaging solution is produced without any plastic or tape and offers brands extensive advertising opportunities.

LatCub is the first container of its kind available on the market and is a clear example of the future of packaging.

“From the beginning to the end of the packaging production process, at Alzamora Group we take the environmental impact into account. Starting with the raw material, cardboard, which is one of the most noble, recyclable and biodegradable materials,” said General Manager Anna Alzamora.

“The company’s policy is based on optimising all processes, with the aim of minimising the carbon footprint, being as ecologically efficient as possible.”

Several companies in the global beverage industry have already taken notice of this product, including the well-known beer brand Estrella Damm, which started using the PEFC-certified LatCub solution as an alternative to the 6-can plastic bundler.

More and more companies are looking for substitutes for plastic, a material that has been polluting our oceans and harming the lives of fish and marine animals for many years.

Alzamora Group defines sustainable commitment as a raison d’être and a fundamental pillar of its business strategy.

For this reason, the company has been offering PEFC-certified products for more than ten years, favouring the circular economy by using materials from sustainably managed forests.

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