American Eagle Paper Mills® Adding 11 x 17 to our 20# Eagle Color 30 cut size portfolio

American Eagle Paper Mills® is pleased to announce that we are adding 11 x 17 to our 20# Eagle Color 30 cut size portfolio. Our five select colors include canary, green, blue, pink, and ivory and are available for immediate shipment. As with all our products these can assort with other Eagle grades for truckload delivery. The minimum order quantity of any Eagle cut size item remains one pallet.

The Sell Sheet is available on demand on our website, under the “Our Paper” tab in both a printable and exportable pdf file.

For your convenience, we have included a listing of the new item numbers along with a graphic representation of the carton label which graphically distinguishes our 11 x 17 packaging with a corresponding color border around the perimeter of the label.

As always Eagle Color® 30 continues to build on our portfolio of recycled alternatives: 30% recycled, FSC certified, and Elemental Chlorine Free.

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