ANDRITZ to supply evaporation plant to ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division in India

ANDRITZ will supply a new 7-effect evaporation plant on EPC basis with a capacity of 390 t/h that will concentrate kraft black liquor to a final dry solids content of 75%. The plant will be the largest in India and have the capability to improve the quality of condensate from the existing mill so that it can be re-used effectively in the mill and also to reduce water consumption.

ANDRITZ’s lamella technology in the evaporators ensures the desired steam economy at all times, reduces energy consumption by circulation pumps, as well as providing higher black liquor concentration and stability, thus leading to increased and stabilized power production in the recovery boiler. The technology also delivers optimized vapor condensate quality that contributes towards a reduction in the mill’s operating costs. In addition, fewer and shorter washing cycles will enhance overall availability.

This investment is part of ITC-PSPD’s recovery plant modernization project to further strengthen its market position in the paperboard and specialty paper segment.

ITC-PSPD is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging and graphic boards in Southern Asia. The company’s Bhadrachalam unit produces value-added folding boxboard.

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