APP statement on Rainforest Alliance’s evaluation of The Forest Trust/Ata Marie wood supply study

When we commissioned TFT and Ata Marie to conduct an independent growth and yield study we were seeking to provide immediate assurance that our supplier concessions have sufficient plantation capacity to fulfill the demand needs of our mills, including the planned OKI mill, up to 2020, while maintaining our zero deforestation commitment.

It is pleasing that the Rainforest Alliance’s evaluation concluded that based on this specific scope TFT and Ata Marie’s work was independent and technically robust for the period up to 2020.

The TFT and Ata Marie study was useful in verifying the foundational data of our existing supply chain and helping to identify some of the challenges and opportunities facing the business in the years ahead. We agree with the Rainforest Alliance that the future fibre supply of a business cannot be entirely predicted on the basis of one report, and that the work to ensure that our plantations are efficient and productive, as documented in our FCP Implementation Plan 2015 and Beyond, must be an ongoing priority.

Our internal teams continue to work to demonstrate that our zero deforestation commitment is sound. APP will continue to monitor and evaluate our plantation resources to ensure the ongoing success of this commitment.

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