APP’s response to Mongabay’s article “Paper giant denies secretly owning ‘independent’ suppliers” published on 5 June 2018

We wish to provide some clarification on certain statements as may be taken out of context.

In reference to Goh Lin Piao, Managing Director of APP’s response in the Mongabay article as to whether other Sinar Mas businesses fell outside our Forest Conservation Policy, his answer specifically refereed to Golden Energy and Resources, which is a public-listed coal mining operation.

He underlined the point that each industry and each supply chain has its only unique production and sustainability challenges and hence requires its own unique policy in line with the industry in which it operates in – even within companies that are part of the same brand. The sustainability challenges faced by a forest company will be different from those of a mining business.

The Forest Conservation Policy was drafted specifically for APP and its wood supply chain. It has done tremendous good for it. Nevertheless, it is too simplistic to imagine that APP’s FCP is a one-size fits all solution for all companies in different industries.

There are no shortcuts in the fight against deforestation and climate change. It has taken APP years, working closely with Government, NGOs and other partners & stakeholders in order to achieve the progress that has been made. Similarly, while others can learn from our successes and mistakes, APP’s FCP cannot be copied wholesale and applied to other companies which will face different issues from APP.

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