Appvion Announces Antimicrobial Technology

Appvion Operations, Inc., launches an industry leading antimicrobial coating technology for a variety of substrates called SafeShield™!

SafeShield technology prevents the replication of DNA and new cell formation! Independent lab tests demonstrate up to 99.99% reduction in non-pathogenic bacteria on the paper’s surface even after printing and post processing.

“Appvion has a strong focus on sustainable specialty coatings and new applications which is why we are continuously bringing innovative products to the market, especially now with the introduction of SafeShield. With the introduction of this coating technology, we are able to provide our customers with solutions that solve a growing concern. Whether it’s healthcare, food service, education, entertainment, transportation, office settings or even government sectors, SafeShield is there to help!” said Graeme Hodson, President – Paper Division.

To ensure the efficacy of SafeShield, the antimicrobial coating is formulated with components that have gone through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review and registration processes.

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