APRIL Group Ranks Second in Pioneering Sustainability Assessment from Zoological Society of London

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has released the results of its Sustainability Transparency Toolkit, or SPOTT Assessment, that independently gauges the progress of 24 global timber, pulp and paper companies against a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators.

APRIL ranked second of 24 companies, behind Switzerland’s Interholco A.G., with a score of 67.1%, well above the average score for the sector of 37.1%. APRIL’s highest scores were for Sustainability Policy and Leadership, and Deforestation and Biodiversity. Just three of the 24 companies received a ‘Green’ rating, awarded to companies scoring above 66%.

The SPOTT assessments and the accompanying detailed company reports are designed to promote ‘transparency and accountability to drive implementation of environmental and social best practice for the sustainable production and trade of global commodities’.

APRIL Director of Sustainability and External Affairs, Lucita Jasmin, said the assessment was important because it set an “independent baseline on which we can build further improvements in transparency and reporting. We welcome third party assessments that are based on clear framework and criteria, and where the process itself was transparent to the participants,” she added.
more detail at:  http://www.aprildialog.com/en/2017/11/15/april-group-ranks-second-pioneering-sustainability-assessment-zoological-society-London/

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