Atlantic Packaging has partnered with TOM FORD and Lonely Whale to accelerate the adoption of seaweed-based plastic alternatives.

Nearly half of all new plastic waste entering the ocean each year comes from one ubiquitous source: thin-film plastic made from fossil fuels, that are extracted from the ground, releasing harmful carbon into the atmosphere and displacing wildlife and people from their homes. These flexible films are not readily degradable and difficult to recycle — they can often end up in the ocean, where they can be ingested by sea life.

In 2020, Lonely Whale, a nonprofit whose mission is to keep plastic out of oceans, unveiled “Unwrap the Future,” a three phase, multi-year program to vet and scale viable, marine-safe solutions to traditional thin-film plastic.

For phase one of the program, the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize was created in partnership with Lonely Whale and TOM FORD, a luxury fashion house.
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