Atlantic’s E-waste Recycling Program

Atlantic just sent 17 pallets of electronic waste to a recycling facility. That’s 7,749 pounds of waste that will be given a new life instead of sitting in a landfill!

Every employee at a company has a unique perspective, and when they’re presented with inspiration their great ideas come to life. Two years ago, Nate Huot began collecting old hardware laying around Atlantic’s facilities. This process gradually grew into a popular, new program at Atlantic.

Old computers, copiers, monitors, battery backups, and a variety of other products have been collected from our locations in Acworth, Dalton, Greensboro, Tabor City, Wilmington, and Sturgis. These used devices would have ended up in a landfill if it wasn’t for the E-Waste Recycling Program.

E-waste is full of valuable rare earth elements (REE’s) and toxic minerals. If these materials are not disposed of properly, they can pollute the environment.
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