Atlantic’s Stretch Film Recycling Program – The Future of The Circular Economy

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Atlantic’s Recycling Equipment and PCR
Atlantic has invested in recycling equipment to:
*Recapture used stretch film from our customers
*Transform used stretch film into high-quality post-consumer resin (PCR)
*Repurpose that PCR into new stretch film!

This creates a closed-loop system that keeps waste out of landfills and the environment. Atlantic will turn upwards of 10 million pounds of stretch film into high-quality resin!

Why is Stretch Film Necessary?
Stretch film is essential to B2B packaging. It allows manufacturers to get their products to retailers and distribution centers efficiently and without damage.

Loads of products that are improperly stretch wrapped before transportation often end up destroyed and unusable. Without stretch film people wouldn’t be able to get the products they need, and there’s nothing more unsustainable than wasting resources on products that cannot be used!

Atlantic works with its customers to make their stretch wrapping operations as efficient, inexpensive, and sustainable as possible. Our MUST Stretch Film Monitoring System and Quality Control Team ensure that stretch wrapping operations are optimally standardized and film application is consistent!
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