Barnes & Noble Announces The Best Books of 2021 (So Far)

Barnes & Noble today announced its selection for The Best Books of 2021 (So Far). Booksellers from across the U.S. selected these ten titles, including stunning debuts, compelling memoirs, thrilling adventures and an inspirational book of essays, as the best new releases so far this year.

“2021 has, so far, been a plethora of top-notch publishing,” said Jackie De Leo, Vice President, Bookstore, Barnes & Noble. “These wonderfully diverse books, ranging from a dustbowl drama to a space odyssey, show characters – real and fictional – facing and overcoming obstacles and challenges in every scenario imaginable. What connects these titles is heart and readability. Readers of all types will find something they love on this list.”

Barnes & Noble booksellers are focused on connecting readers with the best in publishing, with the goal of helping customers discover their next great read or favorite new author. The Best Books of 2021 (So Far) list joins the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs, Monthly Picks and Book of the Year program to highlight the titles our booksellers are most excited about.

“Narrowing this list down to just ten books was no easy feat,” said Shannon DeVito, Director of Books, Barnes & Noble. “It was a spirited debate between our team of book lovers that resulted in a fabulous list of titles that I am very excited about. Our booksellers from Alaska to Florida are delighted to get these must-read books into the hands of readers.”
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