Beontag Acquires Technicote and Marks its Entry to the North American Market

As of September 1st, Technicote, a North-American company specializing in self-adhesive solutions, is the latest addition to Beontag’s growing family of international companies. The acquisition marks Beontag’s entry to the North American market, and is another step in its global expansion and internationalization strategy initiated in 2020. Besides the United States, Beontag has operations in other countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, among others.

This acquisition is more than Beontag wanting to enter a new market. It was also motivated because of the broad network of customers that Technicote has had for more than four decades and the diversity of products they offer in the segments of graphic and self-adhesive materials. Their portfolio offers a wide range of self-adhesive rolls and sheets, as well as solutions in silicone coated release liners and is a perfect fit for Beontag’s expanding international portfolio of products. Technicote will also be integrating many of those products into their North American range.

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