BLUE4EST® Thermal Paper by Koehler Paper Gets First-Rate Results on Epson Receipt Printer

Koehler Paper’s Technical Customer Service tested the TM‐T88VI receipt printer comprehensively for months. – With success! Because: The sustainable, blue Blue4est® thermal paper by Koehler Paper gets first‐rate results on Epson TM‐T88VI receipt printer.

Blue4est® represents the latest generation of environmentally friendly receipts and, unlike the traditional receipts used at POS, can be disposed of as wastepaper without a problem. In addition, its blue color makes Blue4est® thermal paper immediately recognizable as environmentally friendly for consumers.

Low power consumption and high performance combined with low operating costs make the Epson TM‐T88VI receipt printer an environmentally friendly alternative for the POS receipt printer market, and together with Blue4est® paper, a sustainable POS printing solution.

Epson Germany Business Manager for Business Systems Maik Kollmann explains: “We detected early on that customers wanted sustainable solutions at their POS as well, and with the TM‐T88VI we’ve delivered a printer that makes it possible to print receipts in an environmentally friendly manner. Moreover, the Epson TM‐T88VI gets first‐rate results on Koehler Papers sustainable Blue4est® thermal paper. We have the ideal printing settings ready for users, who can ask for them at any time from their Epson partner.”.

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