Boosting Aluminum Can Recycling Rates in Europe and Beyond

Our commitment to strengthening the Circular Economy is illustrated by several goals in our Twentyby30 sustainability program, including increasing metal recycling rates in all our major markets. Ambitious targets have been set, from a 70% recycling rate in the U.S. by 2030, to 80% in EMEA in the same timeframe.

We are collaborating with industry associations and other partners around the globe to achieve our goals. For example, together with other canmakers and aluminum suppliers, we are working closely with Every Can Counts (ECC) – an initiative to promote recyclability of metal containers among consumers.

On June 3-5, ECC is organizing the second International Recycling Tour across Europe to coincide with World Environment Day (June 5). Through a series of local events, activities and social media engagements, the event will promote the infinite recyclability of metal cans by encouraging consumers to ‘keep the cycle going’ and to recycle as much as they can while away from home or on-the-go. Awareness is everything, and the campaign is closely linked to the idea that more recycling bins should be made available in public spaces across the continent. According to a survey performed in 14 European countries by the LUCID polling agency in association with ECC, a staggering 93% of Europeans shared this view.
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