Building a sound packaging strategy can help protect businesses against the ever-rising costs of parcel shipping rates

During the summer, most of the leading shippers announced their annual peak season surcharges and retailers were already braced for expected increases.

However, it was recently discussed in an earnings call that FedEx and UPS are additionally increasing their general delivery rates by an average 6.9 percent. New rates will go into effect December 27 for UPS, and on January 3, 2023, for FedEx. Further, USPS also announced a general rate increase which will go into effect on January 22, 2023.

Heading into the new year, these news reports might give some operations teams pause; however, it is important to remember that the right packaging strategy is one of the best ways to mitigate the overall impact an increase in shipping charges may have on the bottom line.

Most brands can find savings when auditing their existing packaging procedures, especially when working with a provider that is constantly innovating to create value for customers. That is something Pregis is prepared to assist with at any time.

Are you using the most effective packaging material? Could you free up space or use less material? For example, suppose you’re finding that the non-breakable items you’re shipping are accompanied by extra space in the box. In that case, it may be time to transition to poly or curbside recyclable paper mailer options. This will not only eliminate the need for void-fill material but also reduce the overall dimensional weight (DIM) created by the package, helping you save on the costs associated with shipping.

There are many other ways a business can further optimize its packaging strategy to minimize the cost of shipping. The right mailing and bagging solution can not only contain your goods but protect the contents and even convey a strong brand or marketing campaign message.
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