Call for nominations: PEFC Chain of Custody Working Group

PEFC invites stakeholders globally to nominate candidates for the permanent PEFC Chain of Custody Working Group.

To nominate a candidate to participate in the working group, please fill out the nomination form. The nomination deadline is 31 January 2020.

This working group is responsible for the development of the PEFC chain of custody, including the maintenance of the following standards, which have been recently revised:
*PEFC ST 2001, PEFC Trademarks
*PEFC ST 2002, PEFC Chain of Custody
*PEFC ST 2003, Certification Body Requirements – Chain of Custody

The PEFC Chain of Custody Working Group will work on the further implementation and interpretation of these standards and the development of new tools. It will also ensure the PEFC chain of custody is up-to-date regarding stakeholder needs, technology developments and certification demands.

How to nominate a candidate
Please ensure that your nomination represents one or more of the five stakeholder categories below:
*Certified PEFC scheme users: forest owners and managers; forest based industry (processing and trade) (max. 5)
*Uncertified PEFC scheme users: PEFC scheme assessors; certification bodies; accreditation bodies; consultants (max. 5)
*Customers and consumers: retailer organizations; consumer organizations; institutional consumers of forest based products, including governments (max. 5)
*Civil society: indigenous people, workers and trade unions, scientific and technological community, environmental, social and other interest groups (max. 5)
*PEFC National Governing Body members (max. 5)

In addition to this wide range of stakeholder interests, we also aim for a balanced representation of genders and regions in the working groups.

We only accept nominations made through the online nomination form. The deadline is 31 January 2020.

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