Cameroonian, Canadian and Uruguayan systems open for public consultation

Stakeholders around the world are invited to comment on the Cameroonian, Canadian and Uruguayan national forest certification systems, following their submission to PEFC for endorsement. To give your feedback, head to our Online Consultation Tool.

This is the first time Cameroon has submitted its national forest certification system to PEFC, an important step forward for PEFC certification in Africa. If successfully endorsed, Cameroon will join Gabon as one of the countries leading the way for the certification of sustainable forest management practices in the continent. Make your comments now! The deadline for comments is 9 July 2017.

For Canada and Uruguay, this is the third and second time, respectively, that the countries have applied for endorsement by PEFC. The deadline for comments on both these systems is 3 July 2017 – give your feedback for Canada and Uruguay.

The PEFC endorsement process
The global public consultation is a vital part of the PEFC endorsement process. All comments received during the 60 day consultation will be provided to the independent organization carrying out the assessment. This valuable information will help determine whether the national system is in compliance with our international requirements.

To ensure that the national systems continue to meet best practices, scientific advances and society’s expectations, we require them to be revised regularly through a multi-stakeholder process. We do this by limiting the validity of endorsements to five years, after which they can apply for re-endorsement to continue benefitting from PEFC recognition.

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