Campaign Building Blocks – Part 5: #Campaign Cheatsheet (

As brands jump on the hashtag brand-wagon, one wonders if the effort truly makes a difference to the bottom line. Short answer? Absolutely. But, have some brands experienced major fails at achieving an ROI? Absolutely. Does it take a lot of effort and resources to get it right? Absolutely.

Why even bother? Campaigns are an excellent tool to create brand awareness, drive traffic, engage customers, promote a product or service, boost social media followers and ultimately helps track and quantify your content. For a stale brand, a brand campaign is the perfect opportunity to blow new life into your business.

If you peek under the cover of successful brand campaigns, you’ll find that they share many of the same ingredients. So, in an order to simplify the process, we’ve created a 5-point cheat sheet for producing stellar campaigns.

  1. Define your goal. Never create a campaign without understanding your ultimate goal…
  2. Determine your “BIG IDEA.” If you want to make an impact, an ideation exercise is critical to success.
  3. Plan your Cadence. This is arguably the hardest part of executing a successful campaign.
  4. Monitor and Tweak. And then comes the launch.
  5. Rinse and Repeat. If your campaign is working, look for an opportunity to re-launch with a slight variation…
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