‘Can Do’ Attitude Needed To Achieve 100 per Cent Recycling Rate for All Aluminium Drinks Cans

A 100 per cent recycling target by 2050 for the world’s aluminium drinks cans has been set by industry leaders at COP 28.

Aluminium producers, recyclers, rolling mills, can makers and industry associations have set the target having stressed the need for enhanced recycling to support the IEAs Net Zero 2050 goal.

Currently more than 70 per cent of aluminium beverage cans are recycled into new products but this figure falls short of making the complete contribution necessary for achieving the 1.5-degree target.
more at: https://www.crowncork.com/news/can-do-attitude-needed-achieve-100-cent-recycling-rate-all-aluminium-drinks-cans

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