Canadian authorities urge central government to support paper industry

The premier of British Columbia, John Horgan, has asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to provide the promised assistance to Catalyst Paper and other Canadian paper mills, reports Terrace Standard.

“The massive tariffs imposed by U.S. authorities at the behest of a single Washington state company put the jobs of 1,600 British Columbians working at three Catalyst pulp mills at risk,” Horgan wrote in a letter to Trudeau. “While I appreciate the magnitude of other U.S. actions may seem signifiant – steel, aluminum and softwood lumber stand out – the future of three coastal communities is at stake in this matter.”

Horgan has spoken with Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Oregon Governor Kate Brown regarding the issue. In a meeting with industry and community officials, Horgan said that several officials revealed “some confusion” on how to apply the government’s promised “softwood lumber action plan”, and whether the assistance would come in time.

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