Cascades Extends its Transportation Electrification Program to Employees in Ontario

Cascades Inc. (TSX: CAS), a leader in recovery, green packaging and hygiene solutions, today announced that it is extending its transportation electrification program to all its employees in Ontario . In addition to its 4,400 Quebec -based employees, the Company will now offer its 2,200 employees in Ontario access to the program that encourages individuals to transition from gas to electric or hybrid vehicles.

To support its employees to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the company will also install 30 new 240-volt charging stations at its Ontario facilities, extending the network of the 80 that have already been installed in Québec. It will also provide a financial contribution of up to $2,000 for each employee who purchases an electric vehicle. This is in addition to any government grants that may be in effect. The announcement was made at the Company’s Ottawa sorting centre, in anticipation of Earth Day, and in the presence of the environmental leader Dr. David Suzuki and students representing Ontario EcoSchools.

“From our beginnings 55 years ago, Cascades has always been committed to reducing its footprint by using recycled materials in its manufacturing and through environmentally friendly processes. After reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by close to 50% since 1990, Cascades is now giving our employees a hand to take action. Knowing that a change in transportation habits is required to make a substantial dent in GHG reductions, we took concrete measures for the future through this unique program,” commented Mario Plourde, President and CEO of Cascades.

Since its launch in Québec in November 2017, more than one Cascades employee per week has joined the program. Today, 80 employees have made the choice to ride electric, up from only five before the program was launched. With today’s announcement, more than 6,600 out of Cascades’ 10,000 employees across North America now have access to the program.

“All too often, we worry about the cost of environmental measures, when we should instead be worrying about the cost of doing nothing. Today, Cascades wants to once again challenge other organizations to follow in our footsteps by implementing incentives to promote transportation electrification. We would be delighted to share our experience with them. Our project is a modest contribution to the global effort in the fight against climate change. However, if others do likewise, we can make a real difference,” added Mr. Plourde.

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