Cascades Tissue Group Mechanicville Plant Recognized for Energy Efficiency Project

The steam generation through energy recovery project carried out by the Cascades energy efficiency team at the Cascades Tissue Group – Mechanicville plant won two major energy awards this year: it was one of the top three projects of the year as voted by ENERGY STAR members and also the Energy Manager Today Project of the Year Award initiated by the Environmental Leader group. These two awards are a source of pride for the company, since this is the first project of its kind in the North American industry.

The steam generator project consists of recovering and reusing the energy in the exhaust gases of the hood used to dry out the paper, by means of a system fitted with a steam-generating heat exchanger. The aim was to reduce the consumption of natural gas without adversely affecting production. The project saves an estimated 41,888 GJ/year, which is nearly 10% of the total reduction target of 450,000 GJ/year set out in the company’s Sustainable Development Plan 2013–2015. This result, along with other energy efficiency achievements, contributes to making Cascades less energy-intensive than its competitors. Notably, Cascades purchases 59% less energy than the average for the Canadian pulp and paper industry.

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