Certified throughout: ÖPSO re-imagines sustainable home fragrances

In the development of a truly sustainable product, fragrance producer ÖPSO takes an extra step forward. The company’s home fragrances are entirely PEFC-certified, from the ingredients to the packaging. ÖPSO Marketing Manager Jens Neumann explains what makes the product unique.

What will be the next big innovation in ambience? This has been the big question since the beginning of this project in 2017. To help us solve it, we involved consumers and fragrance experts in the development process. The main outcome was that all air fresheners are artificial because they are based on petrol.

For more than 18 months we worked together with perfumers, consumers and creatives in the development of this innovation, which we believe will be a breakthrough in the world of air freshening.

To this end we have created ÖPSO, the first home fragrances made from natural tree resin. Its innovative and sustainable composition replaces artificial ingredients in traditional fragrances with natural resin from Mediterranean pine trees, thus helping to preserve the forests of our planet.

The forest is present in every corner of our concept: the raw material, the resin, comes from Mediterranean forests, while the fragrances are inspired by the ancient forests of this world. Both fragrance and packaging are PEFC chain of custody certified. This is a world first.

The series contains six fragrances, covering all olfactory families, from Canadian Maple, to Nordic Birch and Amazon Orchids.

At BlueSun, we firmly believe that making home fragrances with natural ingredients will not be a mere novelty, but a new standard that consumers themselves will demand, just as it happens in sectors such as food or fashion.

The great task we face is to establish this new fragrance technology in the consumers’ mind, so that more and more of them will ask for the most natural alternative. As with any startup, we need everyone’s support to get the word out.

BlueSun Consumer Brands SLU is a manufacturer of air fresheners and detergents, both for own brands and for leading brands in their segment.

Sustainable inside and out
With its home fragrance series ÖPSO, BlueSun has created a truly sustainable product, from the ingredients to the packaging. The PEFC certification on the inside and outside gives consumers the assurance that the forest-based materials in the product come for a sustainable source, safeguarding forests and the people living and working in them.

To learn more about responsible packaging from the forest, join our free PEFC Webinar on 23 June at 11:00 CEST! Register for the webinar here!

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