Changes in Metsä Board’s Corporate Management Team

Markku Leskelä has been appointed SVP, Development at Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group and a member of the Corporate Management Team responsible for research, product development, sustainability and business development. He has worked at Metsä Board as VP, Research and Development since 2016.

Ari Kiviranta, a member of the company’s Corporate Management Team, has been appointed SVP, Technology with responsibility for developing the company’s industrial structure, especially at the Husum mill in Sweden, as well as strategic investment projects and technology. His previous position was SVP, Development.

“Metsä Board has significant strategic investment projects underway. In addition to these, we will also look at the further development of the Husum mill and the future industrial structure of the whole company. With the appointments announced today, we will strengthen the resourcing of investment projects and increase our investment in innovation and sustainable development,” says Metsä Board’s CEO Mika Joukio.

Metsä Board’s Corporate Management Team consists of CEO Mika Joukio, SVP Technology Ari Kiviranta, SVP Development Markku Leskelä, SVP, Sales and Supply Chain Jussi Noponen, CFO Henri Sederholm, SVP, Production Harri Pihlajaniemi and SVP, Human Resources Camilla Wikström.

The changes will be effective as of 1 October, 2021.

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