Circle K moves toward sustainability with PEFC-certified packaging

Convenience store chain Circle K has released its first sustainability report, and PEFC-certified packaging plays a critical role as they look to reduce their environmental footprint, use resources efficiently and help protect our planet.

Using certified paper was an important requirement in the tender process for Circle K’s new range of holistic food packaging within all stores across Europe.

“Food is a crucial part of our business, and with food comes packaging. As we serve our great food in all European markets, this means we use large volumes of paper within in our food packaging,” explains Vibeke Veiseth, Senior Concept Development at Circle K Europe.

“Reducing plastic in our pastry bags is one part of our sustainability journey. The bags are only made of PEFC-certified paper.”

For Circle K, as part of their European Packaging Project, the use of sustainable packaging, without reducing food quality, is a priority. It’s a requirement that paper-based packaging must be made from certified material.

This is communicated to their consumers by labelling the packaging with the commonly recognized sustainability labels, such as the PEFC label.

“Circle K is positioned as an innovative leader, not only on fuel and energy, but also on food and at all aspects of our concept,” Ms. Veiseth continues.

“We recognize that we are on a journey, and that all small steps in the right direction matter.”

As one of the largest players within the convenience, retail and fuel sector in Europe, Circle K has the opportunity of many common initiatives to improve sustainability in all aspects of their business across Europe.

“Our network covers more than 2000 stores across Europe, so any small change will make a large impact. This makes it easy for our customers to choose from a sustainability perspective.”

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