Companies can benefit from PEFC to demonstrate impact towards the SDGs

“PEFC helps companies report on the contribution of sustainable forestry towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but this is just the very first step,” said Peter Latham, Chair of PEFC International, speaking at the SGEC/PEFC Forum in Tokyo, Japan.

“PEFC is much more than just certification. Our numerous activities on the ground, our collaborative work with forest owners, communities and stakeholders at local levels enables companies to offer support beyond sourcing PEFC and certifying forests. Companies can benefit from PEFC beyond certifications to demonstrate a much wider contribution towards these vital goals.”

“Beginning in the forest. Our sustainable forest management benchmark forms the basis for the requirements that forest owners must meet to achieve PEFC certification; it is under revision and big changes are expected,” Peter continued.

“From minimum wages for forest workers, equal opportunities for employment and non-discrimination (SDG 8 and 10) and the promotion of gender equality (SDG 5), to enhanced provisions to safeguard the interests of indigenous peoples, and the equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of traditional and local knowledge (SDG 2 and 4).”

“This means by choosing PEFC-certified material, companies can highlight their support of all these SDGs through their procurement preferences.”

Peter went on to highlight some of the many areas PEFC is working in, from construction to fashion, and how these all contribute to a wide range of SDGs.
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