Connecting certified forests to sustainable construction

Using wood in construction is fantastic. It looks good, is easy to work with, is healthy for the people living and working within it and is great for our planet – but only if it comes from a sustainable source.

Whatever timber you choose, whether solid wood or engineered wood such as CLT and glulam, it is vital that it comes from a forest that is managed sustainably, ensuring it is around for generations to come.

But how can you be sure that the wood actually came from such a sustainably managed forest? The answer, of course, is PEFC certification!

PEFC sustainable forest management certification enables forest owners to provide assurances that they manage their forests in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements – balancing people, planet and profit.

Hundreds of thousands of forest owners around the world, from small, family and community forests to large company owned forests, have achieved PEFC certification, covering more than 300 million hectares of forest.

PEFC chain of custody certification then establishes the link, tracking forest-based products from these certified forests to the final product, monitoring each step of the supply chain. This gives you the assurance that the timber you are using to build your house came from a sustainably managed, PEFC-certified forest.

So, when you are choosing your wood, or specifying timber within your procurement policy, make sure it is PEFC-certified!
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