Consumer Groups Support Keep Me Posted Campaign to Ensure Free Access to Paper Statements and Bills

Keep Me Posted (KMP) is a global advocacy campaign working for the right of every consumer to choose, free of charge, how they receive important information from their service providers – on paper or electronically. Overseen by Two Sides North America, the KMP North America campaign will focus on educating and challenging corporations that are removing consumer choice and charging fees for paper.

KMP has continued to grow its partnerships with consumer groups in both the United States and Canada. Partners include a diverse set of advocacy groups including the Coalition for Paper Options, Consumer Action, Haven Neighborhood Services, Montana Organizing Project, National Consumers League, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and The National Grange. The coalition will work to protect the consumer’s right to choose between paper and digital communications.

Millions of North American consumers are currently disenfranchised by increased digitization and need to receive bills and statements on paper due to reasons such as lack of internet access, digital abilities, and growing security concerns with online fraud. Others prefer paper for convenience and practical reasons.

“Consumer Action is concerned that more and more consumers are being asked to jump through hoops to get paper copies of bills, account statements and notices,” said Linda Sherry, the national non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization’s Director of National Priorities. “In a recent survey we conducted, up to three-quarters of those surveyed opted for bills to arrive by mail. Their reasons for preferring paper were rich and varied: from untrustworthy broadband signals to the ease of filing and finding important paperwork. Consumer Action joined Keep Me Posted because we support the right of consumers to choose how they want important documents delivered and we strongly believe that paper should be the default until consumers expressly opt-in for electronic delivery.”

Sally Greenberg, Executive Director of the National Consumers League, adds: “Consumers should have the right to choose whether they want important documents in paper or electronic form, and they shouldn’t be penalized for wanting a paper copy. In fact, the National Consumers League advises consumers to keep paper copies of important government and other documents for themselves and their family members for legal reasons.”

John Lawford, Executive Director and General Counsel of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre says, “Too often consumers are forced to pay for bills and statements in paper formats. Why? We demand convenient, ethical, practical format choices with essential services like internet, wireless phone and television.”

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