Contributing to the Circular Economy: The Paper and Wood Products Industry

The paper and wood products industry uses renewable and recyclable resources to manufacture products that makes people’s lives better. Printing-writing papers, paper-based packaging, pulp, tissue and wood products play significant roles in everyday life by meeting needs for information, product protection, hygiene, housing and more. The manufacture of our industry’s products is customer and market driven

As the global population grows and impacts production and consumption, increasing circularity in our economy would build resilience, generate new business opportunities and provide economic, environmental and social benefits.

The paper and wood products industry’s efforts to promote sustainable forest management, do more with less in the manufacturing process and recover products for recycling form the foundation of our contributions to the circular economy.

We regenerate the renewable resources we use to maintain balance in the environment. U.S. forest cover has expanded over the past 40 years due to continued demand for paper and wood products, which creates incentives to plant and grow trees. Our industry also regenerates and reuses pulping chemicals when recovering energy from black liquor.

To reduce waste and pollution, we are continually at work to optimize design and maximize efficient use of resources in all areas of our manufacturing processes.
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