COVID-19: TC Transcontinental Packaging Response

TC Transcontinental Packaging, the packaging sector of TC Transcontinental (TSX: TCL.A TCL.B), is proud to support the vital food industry, a sector considered critical by governments, and contribute to the maintenance of essential services in communities during the COVID-19 global pandemic. While some of the sector’s verticals are experiencing a decrease in volumes due to government restrictions or the economic slowdown, the verticals related to food and other essential consumer staples, which represent the large majority of the sector’s activities, continue to fully operate in a safe and secure environment.

“Our customers and the population can count on us. We are meeting the requirements of government guidelines, and adjusting constantly our safety practices to ensure the continuity of our operations as a vital packaging provider to essential services and industries, said Thomas Morin, President of TC Transcontinental Packaging. The safety of our people remains our top priority. We have implemented stringent policies and responsible behaviours to minimize movements, maintain physical distance, impose quarantines and maintain a clean work environment to offer a safe and secure environment within our facilities.”

Now more than ever, the benefits of plastic packaging make sense. Packaging protects the product it holds to ensure food security for people and extends product shelf life in store and at home. TC Transcontinental Packaging plays a crucial role in the food supply chain by continuing to produce the packaging of its customers with care and always meeting the highest standards of quality and manufacturing.

At this moment, all TC Transcontinental Packaging facilities are contributing responsibly to the global effort to halt the pandemic, protect the health of the employees and their families, and ensure the safe continuity of the activities in the countries, provinces and states it operates. TC Transcontinental’s values of respect, teamwork, performance and innovation are at the hearth of everything it does, and decisions taken.

“I am thankful to our management and our employees for their resilience, their dedication to health and safety, and for their work to support our clients’ businesses, added Thomas Morin. We are extremely proud to have them with us while we navigate, full steam, through this crisis.”

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