“Digibook Technology” Uses Printing Paper from Koehler Paper for Promo Book

The company “Digibook Technology” chooses ICEWHITE IQ® from Koehler for the new edition of its promo book. Digital printing paper is ideally suited for machines developed by “Digibook Technology” for industrial book production as well as full-page printing.

“Digibook Technology” is an ever-expanding medium-sized company based in Switzerland. For over 10 years, the company has been a leading provider of innovative machine program solutions for cost-effective, fully automated production of digitally printed hardcover books in short runs. “The digital printing paper from Koehler Paper impresses in this area with perfect processing properties and optimal quality for digitally printed applications,” says Jens Krüger, Sales and Partnering Manager at “Digibook Technology”.

Digital Printing Paper from Koehler Paper Achieves Perfect Printing Results on HP Indigo Printers

Koehler ICEWHITE IQ® was specially developed for digital printing. Outstanding printing properties promise brilliant print quality without having to compromise on the haptic and aesthetic advantages of a natural paper. Tanja Soltau, Product Manager at Koehler Paper is delighted that the company has opted to use Koehler Paper digital printing paper: “Our ICEWHITE IQ® digital printing paper is the world’s best quality uncoated digital printing paper for HP Indigo printers. Vibrant colors, streak-free surfaces, and guaranteed toner adhesion—all of this is possible with our digital printing paper.” The new edition of the promo book from “Digibook Technology” was printed on ICEWHITE IQ® 160 gsm from Koehler Paper.

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