Domtar Releases 2015 Sustainability Report

Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) today released its 2015 Sustainability Report providing insight into the company’s priorities, and outlining opportunities on the journey towards becoming a more sustainable business.  The report reinforces Domtar’s commitments and provides longer-term context for its decisions and activities, while revealing the connectivity between the two.

“Sustainability at Domtar shapes our decisions and optimizes our performance,” explained John D. Williams, Domtar’s president and CEO. “We accomplish this through careful consideration of how we leverage emerging opportunities, preserve shareholder value and maintain our position as a true leader in sustainability – beyond just the forest products industry.”

The 2015 report showcases the company’s progress against stated sustainability goals. Key accomplishments in this year’s report include:

74% of electricity used in Domtar’s pulp and paper mills was self-generated, outpacing the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry average of 59%.
52% reduction in the recordable safety incident rate since 2008.
23% reduction in waste sent to landfills from Domtar’s pulp and paper mills, and avoided landfilling materials equivalent to the weight of almost two Empire State Buildings since 2013.
Sold the five-millionth ton of Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper in 2014, a first for the North American market.
$1.35 million donated in community investments throughout 2014.

Domtar’s commitment to sustainability begins with recognizing the unique operational context of each facility, conducting an in-depth analysis to gain a holistic understanding of the risks and opportunities at the facility level. More information on the company’s sustainability practices can be found at

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