DS Smith Rapak® Develops Bag-in-Box Packaging Solution for Concentrated Alcohol Spirits

With summer officially here and a growing consumer demand for portability at home or on-the-go, Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, developed a Bag-in-Box offering for the spirits world.

Rapak created a tough and puncture resistant bag for Bag-in-Box that provides convenient dispensing of premium high-alcohol spirits and cocktail mixes, for parties, sporting events and outdoor activities such as picnics or camping trips.

The highly engineered bag is comprised of a specially formulated high barrier Nylon-EVOH LLDPE Co-extruded film, providing oxygen barrier and durability. The bag film passes stringent migration testing and complies with FDA regulations for high alcohol content, CFR 21 176.170. Additionally, the food contact layer of the two-ply bag was carefully selected to not impart off-flavors. One of the key challenges of packaging spirits is that the bag and tap can easily take on the flavors of the materials they are in contact with so a properly formulated film coupled with organoleptic testing is key.

The Bag-in-Box for alcohol spirits is available in 1.5 liters up to 18 liters with the TruTap tap, a commercially successful twist tap for wine, or the Mustang™ tap, a self-closing, industry leading front-push tap with superior oxygen barrier. Both Bag-in-Box taps have low oxygen transmission rates (OTR) for shelf-life extension and ergonomic designs making it easy for consumers to dispense.

Bag-in-Box is the perfect solution for spirits and wine, compared to traditional glass bottles. Less environmental impact; Extended shelf life; Reduced risk of damage in transit; Optimized storage space; Convenience with single-handed tap dispensing; Enhanced branding impact for retail displays

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