DS Smith supports L’Oréal to optimize their E-commerce packaging

E-commerce is booming and this year several sources predict records for the Christmas online shopping. A recent research commissioned by DS Smith reveals that extra 224 million of us will be purchasing our Christmas presents online this year, resulting in 350 thousand tonnes of unnecessary packaging. This could incur in real environmental, reputational and business risks for brands, which is why it is important for brands and retailers to optimize the packaging.

At DS Smith, sustainability sits at the heart of our business model and is core to our Purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World. And for that we aim to provide the best service to our customers thinking about the impact on the environment and future generations. L’Oréal shares those views too, and few months ago, we were approached by their team with the challenge of redesigning the E-commerce packaging for their luxury products range.

Their request was articulated around sustainability, how they could make their packaging cost effective and at the same time reducing the environmental impact. And, naturally, ensuring a great customer experience when the online shopper receives and opens the packaging.

Thanks to our cross-functional teamwork, we have been able to deliver a valuable offer to our customer. Stephane Dallet, European Business Unit Lead, comments: “Despite the challenges brought by Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to work closely, be transparent with each other and have grown together all along this E-commerce project. We continue a great collaboration with L’Oréal and completing the exercise virtually. We are finalising the development process without any physical meetings, shipping samples and sharing findings and data with the L’Oréal team”.

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