DS Smith Tecnicarton receives the Liderpack Award for ‘best logistics and distribution packaging´

DS Smith Tecnicarton has received the Liderpack Award in the category ‘best logistics and distribution packaging’ for its latest innovative design, a telescopic lid valid for different packaging lengths.

The system is made up of two joined sections and is equipped with several side tabs whose locking at different lengths allows the lid to be lengthened and shrunk and adapted to different dimensions. In this way, with a single element, multiple packaging references can be covered, which optimises storage space, promotes the reduction of stock costs and simplifies reference management.

In addition, the assembly process of the cover is very simple as it is self-assembly. The development incorporates in its design elements that facilitate the correct position of the cover in the different sizes, thus speeding up the assembly process. All this translates into savings in labour costs.

Made of 100% corrugated board, this telescopic packaging lid follows the Now and Next sustainability strategy, through which DS Smith is committed to protecting natural resources by making the most of each fibre and reducing waste and pollution through circular solutions and equipping people to lead the transition to a circular economy.

As Antonio Cebrián, Commercial Director of DS Smith Tecnicarton explains, “The recognition of our innovative efforts and the search for sustainable solutions motivates us to continue working along these lines. At DS Smith Tecnicarton we will maintain our level of demand in order to continue offering our customers innovative and customised solutions to their needs in a constantly changing world”.

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