Eco-Products Earns GreenScreen Certification for Plant-Based Packaging with No PFAS Added

Eco-Products® announced today that it has earned the coveted GreenScreen Certified™ Silver designation for its groundbreaking line of compostable plates and containers made from sugarcane.

Called VanguardTM, the award-winning line uses a proprietary chemistry to achieve grease resistance without the use of PFAS, a class of materials sometimes referred to as “forever chemicals.” In addition, GreenScreen Certified products do not contain other chemicals of high concern or known regrettable substitutes.

Regrettable substitution occurs when one ingredient is removed only to be replaced by another that could also be problematic. GreenScreen Certified Silver evaluates every chemical used in the Vanguard formulation and attests that the product does not have known chemicals of high concern to human health and the environment.

Eco-Products is the first manufacturer to earn the GreenScreen designation for a foodservice ware product line. The certification was developed by Clean Production Action (CPA) and the Center for Environmental Health (CEH).

“We are very excited to earn GreenScreen Silver Certification for our Vanguard line of compostable products,” said Ian Jacobson, President of Eco-Products. “Finding an alternative formula to replace PFAS was our top priority. But we also wanted to ensure our products did not contain other chemicals of high concern or known regrettable substitutes.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first manufacturer to offer an innovative foodservice product with a preferable chemistry,” Jacobson added.

GreenScreen is a globally recognized tool designed to assess and benchmark chemicals based on hazard. Companies, governments and organizations use GreenScreen scores to identify chemicals of concern and select safer alternatives.
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