Eco-Products Launches Veridian™ Line to Address Composter Contamination Challenges

Eco-Products® today announced an innovative new product line designed to make it easier for consumers, composters, and the entire foodservice value chain to differentiate between compostable and non-compostable products.

All cups, lids, containers and cutlery in the new Veridian™ line feature the word “Compostable,” display the BPI Certification Mark signifying that the material is compostable, and include green or brown identification elements like tinting and striping that further help distinguish them from their non-compostable counterparts.

“Consistent on-item labeling is essential to giving foodservice operators, their customers and composters the ability to quickly and easily identify products as compostable,” said Wendell Simonson, Director of Marketing at Eco-Products. “That’s what Veridian is all about.”
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