Energy drinks buzz with new designs and sustainable packaging

Beverage makers such as Rockstar and Celsius are innovating to keep their current consumers and reach new ones — and packaging manufacturers are along for the ride.

When energy drink manufacturers work with packaging supplier WestRock on projects such as rethinking their multipacks, they have a few requests.

“We see the ongoing ask of us as suppliers to do things better, faster, cheaper, more sustainable,” said John Perkins, vice president of global packaging systems at WestRock.

It may seem like a laundry list, but it’s critical in the buzzing sector that is energy drinks. Established companies, like Monster and Red Bull, are revamping portfolios and packaging designs. Newer entrants, like Celsius, are expanding rapidly with new SKUs and pack configurations. And brands within a larger portfolio, like PepsiCo’s Rockstar, are refreshing their looks.
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