Enhanced Indigo and PageWide Presses Lead HP’s Charge Toward Automation and Efficiency (piworld.com)

At a pre-drupa press event recently, held just before Dcsoop in Indianapolis, Indiana, HP revealed a number of innovations that will make their debut in Düsseldorf later this year. Of particular interest are the updates and refreshes to the Indigo and PageWide press lines.

Anat Ruhrberg, the head of Commercial Product & Solutions for HP Indigo, noted that while analog printed pages are beginning to see a decline in terms of overall volume, digital pages are seeing a sharp increase, making it increasingly clear that no shop that wants to continue to be relevant and competitive in the years to come can afford to ignore the technology any more. Investments in digital presses are going to be key to capturing and retaining business.

That shift is playing out with the Indigo line, she noted, with data showing that consistently, as much as 50% of the pages being printed on the Indigo 100k are new volume. That said, 95% of all printed pages are still printed on analog presses, which means the opportunity for growth is massive.
more at: https://www.piworld.com/article/enhanced-indigo-and-pagewide-presses-lead-hps-charge-toward-automation-and-efficiency/

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