EnviroSense® Paper Blister™ Package Receives Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Innovator Award

Sonoco (NYSE: SON) has received a 2021 Innovator Award for its EnviroSense® PaperBlister™ package in the category of Innovation in Design Optimization. Sonoco’s all-paper PaperBlister package is further evidence of the Company’s commitment to developing more innovative, sustainable packaging options for customers and consumers alike.

“The revolutionary PaperBlister package provides a fully recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional blister packaging and is the latest addition to Sonoco’s growing assortment of EnviroSense packaging solutions,” said Eric Clamp, commercial development manager. “Designed with tomorrow in mind, EnviroSense packaging is purposefully engineered to deliver a host of earth-conscious attributes, including recyclability, recycled content, reusability, compostability, packaging optimization, bio-based content and responsible fiber sourcing.”

Made entirely from renewable resources, the mono-material PaperBlister package is plastic-free, so it is recyclable in the paper stream. And because it uses water-based printing and sealing technology, there are no harmful VOCs used in making the package. With a simple tooling changeover, brand manufacturers can easily go from traditional plastic packaging to PaperBlister packaging, meeting their sustainability goals and customer expectations at the same time.

The all-paper blister delivers more efficiency than traditional plastic blister packs, which require more shipping cartons, leading to increased weight, more corrugated outer packaging material, fewer packages per truckload and more deliveries needed to ship the same amount of product. Because PaperBlister packaging materials ship flat, efficiencies are maximized.

Key Attributes of the PaperBlister include: *Improved seal quality *Superior product protection *Increased handling speed *Plastic Free *Recyclable *Easier nesting and stacking *More packages per truckload *Reduced shipping costs *Long-term price stability *Runs on existing Sonoco heat-sealing machinery

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